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DAVID CARTER   vocals, guitars, sax        

VIC DREADART   bass, no vocals             

DEIRDRE CAVA   vocals, guitars, keys      

DIRT CADAVER   drums, howls, chainsaw

David was a lad who played clarinet in the school band, knew all his scales and stayed out of trouble until punk caught up with him in the form of a handful of miscreants and failures of the UK’s correctional system. It was a quick spiral down for poor David, once destined for the civil service and a very respectable pension. 
Vic was unique amongst his fellow graduates at the Young Offenders’ Institute as the only one ever to be thrown out of art school. But their loss was music’s gain as he quickly poured all of his teen angst and frustration into his guitar, which for many years only had 3 strings, and two of them were B. He was quickly moved on to play bass.
By contrast Deirdre was born into a wealthy family of international bankers and as a child regularly breakfasted on champagne until her parents fled the country after financial irregularities. Living in a squat in Kentish Town in her early teens, young Deirdre turned instead to cheap alcohol, to such an extent that she soon forgot her actual surname, thus failing in her later much-publicised attempt to divorce her parents on purely technical grounds.
Lastly the foursome was completed when drummer Dirt Cadaver of punk ghoulsters the Morticians, who had reached number 37 in the Belgian charts with their big hit Cold Orifice, had a bust up with his bandmates and stole their PA system. Dirt, real name Colin, also stole the van, and after moving into Deirdre’s squat he soon began to help David shape the band. And it remains to this day, perhaps predictably, a very odd shape indeed.

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